Vol. 1│Issue 1 │2019


 S/N Articles/Authors 
1 Social Responsibility and Brand Performance of Tier One Banks In Benin City
Augustine Idomeh,Braimah Mutana & Braimah Abdulrasheed
2 Decentralization as a Device for Conflict Resolution in a Heterogeneous State: A Case of Cameroon
Kaze Tindo Narcisse Saturnin
3 European and African Union Relations: a Catalyst for Promoting Economic Integration in Africa
Danjo Eguchie, Seghosimhe Abdul Mutanebi & Braimah Mutana
4 Students-Led Discussion Learning Strategies, Verbal Ability and Students’ Attitude to Literature-In-English
Mary Chizoma Okere
5 Status And Efficacy Of Sacrifice In Ancient Israel
Ogun Samson Sunday
6 Leveraging On Waste Recycling To Promote Entrepreneurship In Africa 
Momodu Sanusi Jimah, Abu Aminu, Yahaya Sule
7 The Impact Of Row Planting Of Teff Crop On Rural Household Income: A Case Of Tahtay Maychew Wereda, Tigrai,Ethiopia
Yonas Berhe,Kidanemariam Gebrezgabher