Indexing and Abstracting

No matter how great your research output  is, it will only have impact if other researchers, librarians and the general public find it. That why we work very hard to increase the visibility of our  journal and support authors in promoting their research output by indexing in reputable organization around the globe.
Here are few places where we are indexed:

The Google Scholar index is similar to an index in a library, which lists information about all the books the library has available. However, instead of books, the Google index lists all of the webpages that Google knows about.If Google doesn’t index your website, then you’re pretty much invisible.To this end we make it our duty to ensure that all our contents and  publications are index in Google. We take this very serious because a good idea for ranking higher in search engines and visibility  is search engine optimization.



Zenodo is a general-purpose open-access repository developed under the European OpenAIRE program and operated by CERN where publishers and developers  to archive  data sets, research software, reports, and any other research related digital artifacts

OpenAIRE is a European project supporting Open Science, harvesting research output from connected data providers. OpenAIRE aims to establish an open and sustainable scholarly communication infrastructure responsible for the overall management, analysis, manipulation, provision, monitoring and cross-linking of all research outcomes. It serves as an international indexing platform.

The CiteFactor server provides indexing of major international journals and proceedings. All the journal pages have pointers to Web pages of the publishers which are integrated into the CiteFactor stream pages.The purpose is to increase the visibility and ease of use of open access scientific and scholarly journals.


Root Indexing

Root Society for Indexing and Impact Factor Service ( is a society that  provides indexing to all types of online and offline journals for  optimized  visibility of research works  and also provide

SIS Scientific Group

Scientific Indexing Services (SIS) objective is to  provide quality information to the researcher. SIS offering academic database services to researcher. It’s mainly: citation indexing, analysis, and maintains citation databases covering thousands of academic journals, books, proceedings and any approved documents SIS maintains academic database services to researchers, journal editors and publishers. SIS focuses on: citation indexing, citation analysis, and maintains citation databases covering thousands of academic journals.

Scholar Article Journal Index provides various online journal, peer-reviewed journal, scientific journal, literary journal, research and scholarly journal listing and indexing service to the online and academic publishers for their journal ranking, impact, higher acceptability, and excellence worldwide.

ResearchBib is a free academic database that indexes and provides open access to peer-reviewed journals, full text papers, research conferences & positions.

Eurasian Scientific Journal Index is a journal indexing and impact Factor Calculation service based on Eurasian Citation Reports and Eurasian Scientific Index.

Further Indexing and Abstracting are in progress.
We shall continue to expand our indexing to optimize the sites SEO and to increase the visibility of research papers published in our journals