Peer Review Process

  • Double Blind, or Anonymous Peer Review
  • Expert Peer Review


We adhere to Blind Peer Review  and Expert Peer Review Process.

Once  a manuscript is submitted to our journal, a manuscript is assessed to see if it meets the criteria for submission or  falls within the scope of the journal. Thereafter the editor decides if the manuscript should be sent for peer review or be instantly rejected.

Double Blind, or Anonymous Peer Review

We adhere to Blind Peer Review  and Expert Peer Review Process. A double-blind peer-review process is where both the reviewer and the author remain anonymous throughout the process.

Expert Peer Review

Once a manuscript passes the desk review, the editors will send it out to be reviewed by external reviewers who are experts from the same field who are qualified and able to review the work objectively. The said manuscript is sent without the author’s name or institution of affiliation in order to maintain the integrity of the process.  Usually a manuscript is reviewed by at least three experts.

Once the article has been reviewed, each external reviewer submits an assessment report in which he / she recommends that the article be accepted, that changes and improvements be made or that the manuscript be rejected. The decision is sent to the author / s at this point. If the peer reviewer wants the author / s to make minor or significant improvements, a new version of the work must be submitted containing all the suggestions. The editorial team will evaluate the revised version of the manuscript on the basis of the initial assessments made in the reports referred to above.

Peer review is an essential part of scientific publishing because it helps in ensuring quality control in knowledge production.

Through the peer-review process, manuscripts become more robust, easier to read and more relevant.

The peer reviewers play a central role in ensuring the quality and integrity of the journal.

The peer review process primarily depends on the academic community’s support and voluntary engagement, and needs all those involved to behave professionally and ethically.

Responsibility: Transatlantic Journal of Multidisciplinary Research will not be responsible for the ideas and opinions expressed in any published works. The author/s bear full responsibility for the ideas and opinions expressed in their published works